Saturday, January 11, 2014

Re-organizing project #1

Ahhh...the new year! It's scary how fast the time flies! I am starting classes again and getting used to things at my new job. I am also itching to re-organize some things. So I started with my master closet. I also don't want to have to go out and buy all new organizing supplies. I would love to do that but then I wouldn't be very thrifty. I started with this mess...

Now it doesn't always look like this...I decided to take pics for this post halfway through moving stuff around. All of my husbands stuff is all the way to the left where you cannot see and I decided to put all of his stuff to the right and give him the shelves. After moving shelves around and getting rid of any hangers that weren't black, it all ended up pretty good. I am also in the middle of replacing all of the hangers with the velvet black ones with the metal top. They are so pretty and hold the tops so well. The best deal I have found to get them is at TJMaxx and they always have them. They come in a 25 pack for about $12. I just pick one up every time I am in there.

After getting rid of a full trash bag full of clothes and some other things like old gross flip flops, I ended up with this...

 After I did all of this I decided to turn all of my hangers backwards. Once I wear something the hanger goes back the right way. At the end of the year, if there is anything left backwards I have to get rid of it. If I don't wear it through any of the seasons I probably will never wear it.
 My husband's area shrank a little bit, but I promise he will get a bigger area when we move and have a bigger closet.
I have my shoes on a $15 shelf from Walmart. The cube looking shelf is from Office Depot or Staples I think. It is on it's side holding my purses, jeans, and scrubs.

 All of the boxes and baskets were already in here I just got rid of stuff I forgot about. The blanket is the summer blanket for our duvet tied up with some ribbon.
 My husband has less hanging space but has plenty of extra room on the shelves that weren't really working for me.

I know this isn't anything new, I just hope to spark inspiration in other people! Have a wonderful day!


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