Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Closet turned sewing room!

Hello everyone!

A while back I went home to visit my family that live a couple hours away from me and we stayed at my mom's house. Every time I go there I just want to help her with her next DIY project. Well, I seen some of the closet/office redo's and thought it would work perfect in her library/sewing room. When I say library I mean like over 1000 books in there and she has read every last one of the them.

I showed her some of the pictures I had found and she really liked them. A couple of weeks went by and we were talking on the phone and she said she wanted me to help her make this happen. Oh I was so excited!

I told her we needed to redo the entire room because the paint color was too dark and some things needed to be rearranged or thrown out. I sketched up a simple idea and told her all the plans. (well what I had so far)

Here is what the room looked like before. Too much stuff and unorganized!

The bookshelves didn't match and that green thing is just plain ugly in there! (my dog always seems to get into the pictures)

The closet just had a ton of clothes that she didn't wear except for a few things that we sorted out. 

This was her sewing table for the longest time until the door broke so now it just stored the supplies but wasn't actually functional!

We started with some really light yellow paint on three walls and a couple shades darker on the fourth wall where we plan to stencil the wall.

We bought some wood to make a desk top and split the old shelf in half to make two and painted them white.
 Added some beautiful Ikea boxes and basket! We still need to paint the desk top, but that is ok.

I also got her a second white shelf to match. We found these white drapes at Ikea. She is going to hem them eventually.

So that is the progress so far! I love the look of the boxes on the shelves and there is way more storage than she needs now! Hopefully we make some more progress the next time I visit!