Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Updating a thrift store lamp!

Hello everyone!

So I have been in nursing school for the past year and haven't posted anything since then. This makes me really sad...well it makes me more sad that I don't have much time to do very many projects, but that will come soon.

Anyways, I did find a little time to fit a few projects in over a longer period of time and just haven't found the time to post them. I picked up an old lamp from a thrift store a while back...I believe it was Goodwill but 100% sure. I have a lot of furniture and decorative things from thrift stores that I revamp for plan to anyways. Here is what I found:

 It's actually not a terrible color (mint green) but it wasn't what I was look for but I love the shape.

 I taped off the top and the cord where the meet the green and picked up a can of Heirloom white spray paint by Rust-oleum. Gave it a couple of coats and ended up with this beauty!

 I got the lamp shade in the above picture from Target on sale but it lives on a different lamp in the living room. I found an inexpensive neutral lamp shade from Wal-mart that I really like as well. This can be seen in the picture below.

The lamp lives in our guest/craft room on the Goodwill end table that needs repainting or staining (who knows when that will happen). I think it looks pretty good! And you can do this to any interesting lamp base and make a beautiful custom lamp for any room!

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it!

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