Friday, March 30, 2012

DIY Upholsterd Headboard!

Yay! I am soooo freakin excited about this post! I did the biggest project yet! 

When me and my husband bought our bedroom furniture, it was from a friend and had everything but the headboard. I was totally cool with that since all I really needed were some drawers for all my clothes. I knew I could just find some other headboard or something later on. 

Well it is now later on...I am changing up our entire bedroom! If you saw my last post you will get an idea of what I'm going for. I want to keep everything light since I will be painting the dressers and nightstands black! 

First you want to measure how long of a piece of wood you will need!...Ours was about 64 in with a little hanging out on each side. Then how tall you want it. We had to keep it about 37 in because that was the biggest that would fit into my car! Plus keep in mind that fabric only comes so wide. I just pick a piece of wood that was about $15. It doesn't need to be pretty or anything. Next have the guy at the store cut it to your measurements. 

Next I picked up all of the other supplies. 

 A staple gun with staples and the bracket to hold it on the wall. I will explain that later. I got the fabric, batting and button making stuff at Hobby Lobby. And a twin sized bed pad at Walmart (should have gone with the double). 

I forgot to get the other half to the button making kit that makes it easier but I managed and did that first. 

Next I measured where I wanted my 12 buttons to go and marked the spots. Make sure they are level and straight or you will notice in the end. 

Then I layered everything on top evenly and stapled the batting down first and then the fabric. I should have gotten the double mattress pad because the twin was just a little too short, so when I stapled everything down it shifted from the top a little and I can tell it shifted because the fabric is so light. Lesson learned for next time. 

Next you can thread your upholstery thread to your long needle and sew on your buttons. You will just pull back tight and staple the back. 

You might be able to see that I went all different directions, if you don't the thread will just slip from the staple. 

 Yay! You can see on the bottom where it doesn't cover the whole piece of wood but that part will be cover by the mattress so its ok! 

Next you want to attach the bracket thing to the back. It is made for hanging large frames or mirrors. I bought and attached two so that I would stay even and level. One part goes on the wall and the other goes on the headboard and they just slide into each other. 

Here is the finished product! Pretty awesome! I'm in love with it! If you have any questions just leave me a comment and I will get back to you! Hope you like it!


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